Marstons Pubs add “bleeding” vegan burger to new nomeat menu!

Marstons Pub UK Vegan NoMeat Menu

Veganism is on the rise in the UK, more than 3.5 million people now embrace a meat and dairy free lifestyle. Veganism was once seen as a lifestyle only to be enjoyed by yoga gurus or upper class health obsessed wheat grass drinkers. Now, with the help of the internet and the abundance of literature supporting meat free lifestyles, it seems everyone can enjoy a vegan diet. From independent retailers to national supermarket chains, everyone is offering their version of plant-based products.

Restaurant are also branching out and adding a variety of meat-free dishes to their menus. It was not so long ago that Pizza Hut decided to team up with Violife to provide a dairy free cheesy pizza, much to my personal delight!

Pubs in the UK are known for their beers and pork scratching so the introduction of a vegan menu by Marstons Pubs in 413 of its 1550 pubs must seem to many an alien concept. However, that is exactly what they have done. The vegan menu whilst small, only containing 3 starters, 5 mains an 3 deserts, is a great effort by Marstons to increase their customer base by choosing not to alienate people.

The newest and most popular item on the menu is the new Moving Mountains B12 burger, made with meaty oyster mushrooms, pea protein all bulked out with wholesome oats. The bleeding effect comes from the beetroot juice, similar to the No Bull Burgers from Iceland.

Other items on the menu include jackfruit wedges, buffalo cauliflower wings, button mushrooms bourguignon pie and raspberry jam doughnut pudding.

You can view the full menu here

Moving Mountains Burger created in the UK

The company behind the Moving Mountains burger have created the patty to compete with the much loved Beyond Burger, popular across the pond in the US.

‘Just Like beef’

The burger itself is made from a combination of coconut oil, soy, potatoes and mushrooms. It has also been designed to resemble rare cooked beef, browning on the outside but remaining red on the inside.

According to Moving Mountains Founder Simeon Van der Molen:

“Moving Mountains is a British brand launching the UK’s first ever raw bleeding plant based meat burger.

“This marks a huge leap in innovation for humanity and will allow consumers to bite into a future that is better for their health and the health of our planet.”

To view more about the Moving Mountain Burger click here



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