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This September saw Iceland launch 13 different vegan products and I plan to taste and review all of them. I always love a good, new vegan product but it is also risky with some many new products tasting awful or just as plain as their predecessors.

13 New Vegan Products from Iceland Supermarket UK

UK supermarket Iceland are known for their cheap and cheerful frozen foods but up until now they have only catered for meat-eaters, offering just a few vegetarian products.
Iceland’s own-brand line will include will a number of meat replacements including sausages, chicken, burgers and mince – as well as the UK’s first supermarket vegan chorizo. I must admit I am looking forward to trying the vegan chorizo as I do on occasion miss pepperoni when I make a pizza (yes I use vegan cheese 🙂 and yes I will be doing a post about my vegan pizzas).

No Bull Here, Just The Truth!

So this evening I decided to try the two burger products. I served them up with a lovely side salad and a tomato pasta salad also purchased from Iceland. The tomato pasta salad was lovely and tangy and
didn’t leave a strange taste in my mouth as many shop bought pasta salads do.
The packaging for some reasons looks really dirty in these photos and I dont understand why. I tried to pan fry them first of all but they just kept sticking to the bottom of my frying pan, so I decided to oven bake them instead. This worked really well as the crispy fillets did crisp up nicely and the burger started to produce that lovely red beetroot juice.
Now on the note of the beetroot juice, I understand a lot of vegans will not be comfortable with a “bleeding” burger as it kind of defeats the purpose of no meat. However, if this feature gets people to eat less meat and therefore kill less animals I am all for it.
Finally, these burgers cost ÂŁ2 for a pack of 2. I think that is a very reasonable price for vegan food as sometimes vegan food can cost anywhere upwards of ÂŁ4-ÂŁ5. This would work really well for both beginners vegans or flexitarians looking to cut down on their meat intake.

The Taste Test

I would give both burgers a great big thumbs up. The No Bull Burger is really juicy and bouncy just like a meat burger. My husband actually thought I was trying to serve him a normal burger and looked mighty suspicious when I told him it wasn’t.

The No Chick Fillets for me were a little less flavorsome than the burger but when topped with a little bit of vegan mayo tasted like the chicken royale burger from Burger King. The fillets did crisp up nicely but they were a little bit spongy for me.


I would definitely buy the No Bull Burger again as it was the closest thing I have tasted to a real burger. I would probably only buy the fillets if they were on offer.

Have you tried them? What did you thing? Let me know in the comments section below.

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