Kat Von D Vegan Activist Shares “Meat is Murder” Sticker on Instagram

Tattoo artist and vegan activist, Kat Von D shared a controversial sticker on her Instagram account. “Meat is Murder”

Von D pictures in a promo for her fully vegan eyeliner (Photo: Instagram)

Vegan celebrity Kat Von D shared a photo on Instagram this week of a sticker reading ‘meat is murder’ posted at a meat-free restaurant.

The tattoo artist and entrepreneur, now well known for her animal advocacy, regularly promotes the vegan message on social media.

‘Make it a habit’

According to the caption, Kat Von D decided to make her feelings clear about meat during a visit to a local taco restuarant.

She wrote: “Just had THE BEST #vegantacos here at @xochitl.vegan in Echo Park!

“Think I’m gonna make it a habit to come here every Sunday now!”

Kat Von D And Husand

Passionate vegan

Von D has advocated for vegan living on Instagram, and through her YouTube channel on a regular basis since making the change and also applies her beliefs to her work.

The entrepreneur owns a fully vegan makeup brand, and is soon to launch an animal friendly shoeline.

Story Courtesy of Plant Based News Ltd


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