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How to enjoy Halloween -Vegan Kids, Halloween and Trick-or-Treating

Halloween that magical time of year when the nights are getting darker and the air is crisp. Halloween has always been my favourite celebration, I love the costumes, the stories and of course all of the sweets. Then I became vegan and I realised just how limiting it can be for parents of vegan children.

Many people don’t consider the fact that vegan children may come knocking at their doors, sweet bag in hand looking for a variety of treats that give dentists nightmares. Now when I buy sweets for Halloween I make sure that they don’t contain any nasties. Halloween for vegans just requires a little bit of extra planning and prepartion but it doen’t mean there isn’t fun to be had.

Celebrate Halloween the Vegan Way (Adults and Children)

Thrown your own spooky party

Do you have the room to throw a halloween party? If so this could be a great way to involve your children and their friends in a cruelty free halloween. Put up some decorations, make some scary treats and put on the monster mash. Play traditional halloween games such as bobbing for apples, make some fruit punch and throw in some vegetarian jelly eyeballs.  The best part is you can keep an eye on exactly what your children are eating.


















Ask your neighbours to help out

If idea of throwing a halloween party is not thrilling you, why not try and get your neighbours involved.  If you live in quite a close knit community why not take some vegan sweets round in bags to the neighbours you plan to visit? Explain to them that your child has chosen not to eat meat and therefore cannot eat most traditional sweets due to the gelatin in them.

Tell the tale of Sweet Sprite

Let your children go trick-or-treating as usual and then tell them the story of a magical creature that only operates on Halloween. All they have to do to summon this friendly sprite is leave their sweets in a box and the sweet sprite will come and make sure all of the sweets are vegan. This way you can give them an activity to do or put a film on for them whilst you swap out the normal sweets for vegan one.

Dress up and carve pumpkins

There is no rule that you can’t stay in and have a fun time at home. Why not let your children dress you up for halloween? Let them pick your costume and do your makeup. Kids love to get creative and it is wonderful to encourage their imaginations. Once you look like an extra from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, grab those pumpkins and start carving (adult supervision recommended). Why not try making some of these whacky pumpkin designs or just keep it traditional. Great thing is you can then make a delicious pumpkin soup to enjoy.


















Make a Spooky Halloween Themed Cake

Do your children love to bake? This activity could be perfect for you and your family. I have fond memories of baking with my mum and my nana so this is surefire way to create great lasting memories and yummy cake (it is a win-win).

Try this colourful Haunted Halloween Layer Cake by Chef Chloe.

What about this cute graveyard cake designed by Nerdy Mama

Have a family movie fright fest

Not a single halloween passes in our household without Hocus Pocus or Casper the friendly ghost making their way onto our tv screens. We are horror film addicts in our household so we love a good scare but you want to tone it down for the children ( I don’t think 8 is the right time to introduce the Exorcist). For more movie inspiration check out this list on

Not sure which sweets are ok for vegan kids? We have you covered check out this comprehensive list from

Happy Halloween x


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