Review of Choc Chick Cacao On the Go Range New 2018

Who doesn’t love cacao? National chocolate week is just around the corner, so I was delighted to receive some yummy samples to review in the post this morning. As you all know I am a cheap date, my favourite chocolate is Sainsburys basics dark chocolate as it is vegan and only £0.50 a bar (how could you not love that) but I am always willing to try something new and these products were just what I needed.

I am constantly on the look out for new treats to nibble on throughout the evening. Working very early mornings means my sleep pattern tends to be inverted. Staying healthy is key to your lifestyle whether you have pcos or not and it can be so easy for anyone to fall into the junk food trap. Fear not though these tasty treats are sure to be a hit and keep you coming back for more.

These little bags pack a massive punch in terms of taste and also include some of your daily recommended intake of iron, magnesium and potassium (plantain bites).

Who are Choc Chick?

Choc Chick are company based in the UK run by South American Galia Orme. Galia has sourced the finest Ecuadorian cacao which is also the national bean of Ecuador. The beans are picked and processed in such a way that they retain all of there nutrients and goodness. Choc Chick are also able to trace each batch of beans from plantation all the way through to production. They also work directly with Rainforest Alliance certified companies and organisations.

Choc Chick has grown and is available retailers such as Holland and Barrett, John Lewis and Asda as well as many independent stockists. 

If you want to find out more about Choc Chick why not visit their website here or give them a follow and a like on Instagram here.

Raw Cacao Range Choc Chick


Raw Cacao


Cacao Nibbles

A little confession here, I have never had raw cacao before so this was a brand new experience for my taste buds. First impressions were good, the bag was sealed well and the packaging felt robust. The bag had enough detail on it to explain the product and draw you into the brand without bombarding you with too much information or daft slogans. I ripped open the bag with child like excitement, the kind of excitement you feel when you find your favourite supermarket has started selling your favourite vegan foods. The inside of the bag smelt of very dark chocolate and had a faint aroma of rich coffee. Placing the little nibs in my mouth straight away I am hit with the intense bitterness of the cacao but then to soften the taste it is followed by the lovely sweet delicate flavour of the yacon. 

If you like to sprinkle chocolate on your porridge or on soya yogurt then this it the product for you. This would also work well for all you on the go snackers and nibblers as the bag is resealable and small enough to tuck away in your bag. 

If you would like to try baking with them here is an amazing recipe from Choc Chick themselves “Chocolate Cheesecake Bombs”  All we can say here at Vegan Cyster is yummy!

These little nibs are thoroughly enjoyable and you can find them here! Only £2.99 for a massive 60g bag so great value for money as the bag is generously filled.


Raw Cacao Nibs

Quinoa Pops

Quinoa, one of the first products I tried when I became vegan and instantly fell in love with. I like the slight nutty aroma of quinoa which is missing from other similar products like cous cous. Quinoa covered in cacao is on a whole other level of pleasure. The cacao brings out the nuttiness of the quinoa and it is like a more upmarket, gourmet malteser. The little pops give a satisfying crunch when they are bitten into and melt into the mouth like a little luxurious  bubble of chocolaty goodness.

Quinoa is great for all you cysters out there as well as it is a wholegrain so it is a slow release carb and will not spike your insulin levels and cacao is a great source of iron and magnesium which us cysters tend to be deficient in.

If you would like to try these pops then click here and get your bag for only £2.00. 

Again for all the bakers out there here is a recipe that I will definitely be trying in the near future “Toffeee Crisp Bites”

Quinoa Pops - Choc Chicks

Raw Cacao Quinoa Pops

Plantain Bites

Plantain is a fruit I have always avoided due to the banana family connection. So upon receiving these I was a little skeptical as to whether I would like them. I am happy to report that I did actually enjoy these bites. They reminded me a lot of chocolate covered raisins – not the taste but the texture. You know that sort of squishy, juicy texture of the raisin.

The chocolate compliments the sweetness of the plantain really well. If you have never heard of plantain it is a member of the banana family and is very popular in Caribbean and Indian dishes. They are high in starch and low in sugar which means they aren’t eaten on the go like bananas but rather made into crisps or into plantain bites.

Just like bananas, plantain offers an impressive boost to your potassium levels and when paired with the Ecuadorian cacao you get iron and magnesium thrown in for free too.

If these little plantain bites have tickled your fancy then click here. Again, only £2.00 for a 30g bag, which is perfect for on the go snackers.

Want to try your hand at baking with plantain try this recipe here.

Raw Cacao Plantain Bites


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