• 8 Unique Vegan and Eco Christmas Ideas
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    8 Unique Vegan & Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts for 2018

    Christmas time, a time for peace, family and love but also a time for stressful decisions making. What do you buy the vegan in the family, surely you can’t just give them a box of tofu and some broccoli can you? So Vegan Cyster has taken some of the hard work out of Christmas for you. Bringing you what we think are some thoughtful, unique and  cruelty free Christmas gift ideas for 2018.   1.) Amie Beauty Heroes Gift Set £23.99 – This beautiful cosmetic bag includes a range of the best selling products from the Beauty Heroes range. All of the Amie range is made from natural ingredients and are suitable…

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    Shaving like a Cyster – Ultimate Guide to Facial Shaving for Women

    When I first realised I needed to shave my face I was mortified. I kept asking my husband if he thought I was less feminine, if he was going to see me as less attractive and ultimately I was worried he would leave me. However, these doubts, as real as they were, were also shallow as hell. Our marriage wasn’t built on my five o’clock shadow or my Magnum PI moustache – No it was built on love and understanding. Shaving is a global trend in women’s beauty. Many women across the globe shave regardless of any medical conditions they may have. They shave to exfoliate or to create a…

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    You might be vegan – but is your makeup?

    Veganism is big business in the UK, with an an estimated 350% increase in the number of people leading a vegan lifestyle. Many brands such as The Body shop, Bare Minerals, MUA and many others developing product ranges suitable for vegans. But is vegan makeup any good? Does it have the longevity of normal makeup? The answer is a resounding yes! Check out Vegan Cysters Top 10 Vegan Beauty Products 2018 post. Why does my makeup need to be vegan? Real vegans not only avoid meat products, but also go vegan even on things such as clothes and makeup. This means a vegan would never wear anything that is made…