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About Mama – 55 year old cat loving vegetarian trying her best to be vegan.

Where to begin?

Probably when Beth (VeganCyster) was about 8 and we were on a day out, driving through the grounds of Chatsworth in the Spring. One look at the cute lambs with their sheep mums and that was it – lamb was banned from our house! That was the start of her on-off journey through the years to full time veganism. It wasn’t easy and in the 90’s the vegetarian choices for a fussy child weren’t that many and vegan options were even less– especially as, at that stage, mushy peas were about the only veg she would eat.

Occasionally she lapsed and meat made its way back onto her plate but never for long. In the meantime her father and I were still meat eaters (although never lamb). Cheese, quorn and vegetable fingers were frequently to be found in the fridge and freezer. Once she was diagnosed with PCOS then we had to look carefully at her eating habits and luckily, she discovered that she likes more than just mushy peas!

Vegetarian and Beyond!

Beth and her husband Paul are now happily vegan and this encouraged me to look more closely at my dietary choices. I often cooked vegetarian dishes anyway and, as the mum to 10 rescue cats I found it hard to reconcile the love I have for them with the fact I was eating the flesh of other animals. Giving up meat was easy and almond milk is now a standard fridge item. I have struggled more with cheese as it is one of my favourite foods but I am trying.  Proud to say I have now been vegetarian for over a year and striving to be vegan.

Although there are now loads of tasty vegan food items out there, I still prefer wherever possible to cook from scratch. I love to cook and twiddle with recipes to make them my own and I will share my old favourites and anything new I try out on an ongoing basis via the blog. Some of these will be tested by Beth and Paul as there is absolutely no way that I will ever eat brussel sprouts but most of them will be dishes I will eat.

Check out my recipes here and let me know if you try any of them.


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